Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wagyu Foie Burger from Becasse

During our last trip to Singapore, we planned to have brunch at Jones the Grocer (at ion orchard). However, as we were ordering, our server asked us if we wanted to try Becasse, it's owned by the same group, but this time they had French offerings.

Out of curiosity, the French in me looked, and since they had something foie gras on the menu, I dragged Sofia and Tim to have brunch here instead.

Becasse is at the center of the 4th floor in Ion, across Jones the Grocer.
Ninong and Fi who were nice enough to let me have my way.
I ordered the Wagyu Foie Gras burger. (I planned to order the
Wagyu burger at Jones anyway, so I couldn't resist having it with foie gras)
It comes with a side salad, and wedges (which Fi was happy to eat).
Fi doesn't like hoity toity French food but give her a Pain au Chocolat
and she's good. The ones at Becasse are huge, and generously filled.
We ordered an arugula with pear and chevre (goat cheese) salad.
This one was also very good.
We could not resist ordering the 4 cheese crepe. How can you go wrong
with 4 cheese right? Well, in Becasse, it can go really really wrong!!!
The crepe was hard, and the cheeses were hard, and the flavors did not
go well together at all!!! 
I tried to redeem our order by picking out the cheese and I mixed it in with the side salad and the pear and chevre salad so it won't go to waste.

Becasse also has French Style desserts, but I was so disappointed
with the crepes, we didn't want to order any more dessert.
Here is the menu for reference.
Overall, I am glad that the Wagyu Foie Gras Burger and the Pain au Chocolat was good. They need to do more work on their crepes, especially if they are "posing" as a French Bakery, especially since they aren't really cheap.  just saying.

ION Orchard 
2 Orchard Turn 

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