Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sofia's Chocolate Chip Ghirardelli Cookies

I am so proud of my little girl. She's only 6 but she can bake chocolate chip cookies almost all by herself. We've actually baked chocolate chip cookies many times before, but normally,  yaya helps Sof do all the prep work, Sof does all the measuring and the mixing,  but yaya does all the wrap-up work including putting the dough on the cookie sheets and baking them.

Today, Sof and I did everything by ourselves,  with Fi doing most of the actual baking work across all the steps. This dare started because I brought home some cookies yesterday for an officemate, and Fi was asking why I forgot to bring her some and I said because she made better ones, so of course she had to make some as soon as possible.

My mom, being the voice of reason, told us we couldn't bake because we were short of helpers, but since my daughter knows how to get her way, before I knew it, we were both promising to prep everything ourselves and wash everything we used after we were done!

I normally have a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe that I swear by (I can even make it in my sleep), but today we decided to tweak things a bit - to compensate for our lack of ingredients.

Some of our trade secrets include making sure you don't use too much sugar,  using butter that's been softened just right, using great ingredients (we raided Ninang Ady's dark chocolate and sea salt stash!) and tasting before baking (Sof's favorite part of baking!).
Sof loves baking so much, she can easily measure the
 ingredients and mix the batter by herself with little direction.
I was so impressed because it's the first time I saw Sof shape
her own cookies! We both made one tray each!
Can you tell which tray I made and which one Sof did.
I was teasing her we could call it Chocolate Shit Cookies.
(clearly,  another mom of the year award moment)
With just a little more shaping, plus Ghirardelli,
her tray was also good to go.
Our cookies while baking...
And Voila! Sofia's chocolate chip ghirardelli cookies

We are also proud to say we did 98% of the clean up. (Don't tell Ma, yaya helped with some of the pans allocated to Fi.)
She was having too much fun with the
Surf Dishwashing Liquid.

I am really so proud of Sofia.  Not only does she love baking,  she really makes good stuff too. I guess I need to work harder so I can send her to culinary school in Paris. Then we're both going to live there happily ever after. just saying. 

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