Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Sofia Calendar

Every year, we make a Sofia Calendar. It started because I was bored while I was on maternity leave, and crafting materials were on sale. Then it continued, because it became a tradition. We give away our calendars to family and friends as our New Year's gift.

You can see the other Sofia calendars we made through the years here and here. If you'll notice, in the earlier years, our calendars were more labor intensive and more crafty. Then I realized it was easier to choose our favorite photo, lay it out with a calendar, then think of a creative way or surf the web for ideas for us to give it away.

This year, we opted to make a useful Calendar Notebook, and Sofia is now big enough to actually help make them.
Mom's and Sofia's 2014 Calendars
Step 1:
Prepare your materials. 
In this case, we needed to find nice notebooks that would go with our chosen picture (in the calendar layout), the printed calendar photos, and lots of tape. We used both double sided tape and washi tape.

This year, we opted to go with one of my favorite
pictures from Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.

Step 2:
Use double sided tape to stick the photo to the notebook.
Sof did quite a lot by herself, so if you get a lopsided one,
you'll know it's really a labor of Sofia's love.

Step 3: 
Decorate with washi tape.
Only Sofia's notebook is this decorated with washi tape!
We used a simple washi tape band for the rest.

Step 4:
The most labor intensive step was Sofia personalizing all the calendars. She even chooses the washi tape design that she wants to give to different people.
Parang book signing lang.
Sof's so proud of our 2014 Calendar Project.
She made this for herself until she decided she wanted different tape,
so this went to Yaya Rechil instead.
Mom gets fancy lettering. Then she got tired.
So everyone else gets normal letters.

If you're on our calendar list, you're about to get yours soon! Happy New Year!  
If you're not on our calendar list, and you want one, please drop me a note and I will set one aside for you. I have two 2014 Sofia Calendar Notebooks left up for grabs. just saying.

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