Friday, January 3, 2014

P365 TE Day 3

Misua from Ay-Chung in Xi Men Ding, Taipei

Travel Bite: My favorite Taiwanese Local dish is Misua (or Flour Rice Noodles). They come with gummy parts of "meat". FYI. That's Pork Intestines. It probably tastes better if you don't know what it is, but then you may be like us when we initially thought it was squid. Hahaha.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Date Photo Taken: February 2013

P365 TE Points for today: 2 out of 3 (for now)
P365 TE Points from Audience Interaction as of January 2: 2
P365 TE Running Points: 8 out of 9 (as of posting)

You can read the background of Project 365 Travel Edition here.  
Feel free to come back everyday. just saying...

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