Saturday, August 2, 2014

Crayon Art by Candle Light

The first strong typhoon to hit Manila this year, was Glenda (internationally referred to as Rammasun), brought winds that were so strong 90% of Metro Manila experienced power outages and a lot of trees were uprooted damaging unfortunate things like houses and cars that happened to be in their way.

This is a really delayed post, but that's because when we finally got our power and internet back after a few hours, we lost our internet again during the clean-up because the handyman my dad hired to cut our half-fallen tree branches also cut our internet wire (and it took quite a while for us to figure this out) since Globe, our internet provider, had much bigger concerns fixing the connections that were destroyed by the typhoon, which brings me to why I am only back to blogging now. 

Since I'm on the topic of the typhoon anyway, I just wanted to share how we maximized the brown-out.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite arts and crafts activities was making art out of melted crayons. Since the candles in our home only come out when there is no electricity, I tried to entertain Sofia during the typhoon by making Medlted Crayon Art with her.

All you'll need are:
1. Old Crayons
2. Candle
3. Paper or Card Stock

It's best to use old crayons since you'll just be melting them anyway.
Sofia picking out the colors she wants to use.
For safety purposes, I only let Sofia play with the crayons that were
still long, then you just need to remove the paper wrapping.
Since you're literally playing with fire.
Make sure an adult is present at all times.
Just put the crayon in the candle's flame, and once you see it start to
drip, immediately put it on the paper you're decorating.
You can be as creative with the colors and patterns
as you want to be.
We even tried making a heart-shaped one,
except for 1 lost candle drop.

That was atleast a good 30 minutes of your child's time occupied. Since we made two cards, you can add another 10 minutes each to write and decorate the card. 

I wouldn't have remembered this activity, much less shared it with Sofia if Glenda hadn't come. I'm glad that this time around, the typhoon left us crayola art souvenirs and no internet. You can also do this activity at home even if you have electricity, it will probably even come out better. Hahaha. just saying.

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