Sunday, August 31, 2014

Le Cure Neighborhood in Florence

I was lucky enough to live like a local during my last visit to Florence. I stayed at a B&B in the Le Cure neighborhood (which you can read about here) very close to the center of town. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to write a post about it since I couldn't find much information when I was doing my research, so I just want to share the love.

I stayed in Francesco's beautiful home in Le Cure.
On this street.
Le Cure is around 15 minutes away from the City Center,
easily accessible by bus.
These were my neighbors. Locals going on with their everyday lives.
There was a cozy cafe just at the corner,
but I never got to try it because the coffee was really
good at home.
The locals order their espresso and drink it while standing.
The place also had a selection of paninis and
pastries which I want to try next time.

The main square or Piazze della Cure is around 5 minutes away on foot. 
On the way to the Piazza, there's a small river you need to cross that's
so beautiful.
Especially on my way home in the late afternoon.
Here are some of my favorite pictures because I couldn't resist and I took a few shots everyday.

At the end of the street is the Farmacia, which was where
my landlord worked on weekends.
Across it was the Bus Stop for Bus 1 which goes
all the way to the main train station, but also stops
near the Duomo (midway).
You can buy a bus ticket before boarding (1.20Euros) or on the bus (2Euros)
but you'll need exact change. Then you validate your ticket after you board.
It's valid for 90 minutes and inspectors do random checks for compliance.
There's a market at Piazza della Cure with the usual knick-knacks.
There's also a permanent food market behind the flea market stalls.
There's also a 99cent shop across the bus stop that comes
in handy when you have no coins for the bus fare.
I just kept hopping on the bus.
My phone just tells me where I should go down.
A landmark I passed while on the bus. It's not my picture that's blurry.
It's the window that's dirty.
I always got down at San Marco Vecchio for the city center.
This is very close to Galeria Accademia and leads to
the Duomo.
I loved walking around the Le Cure neighborhood because it felt very safe, compared to walking around the city center where you feel like you're going to get mugged every time there are people close to you.

There was a nice neighborhood flower shop.

I really enjoyed the restaurants in the area.

And I couldn't leave without having a coffee.

Unfortunately, I like taking my coffee while sitting down and relaxing... very much like a tourist. just saying.

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