Thursday, August 14, 2014

P365 TE Day 226

Snow Skin Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival

Travel Bite: It was only when we lived in Singapore did I get to try Snow Skin Mooncakes, which are as famous as the traditional baked ones, which only come out during the Mid-Autumn (otherwise known as the Mooncake) Festival. Snow Skin Mooncakes are made with Fried Glutinous Rice Flour and taste similar to mochi. They are commonly available in Singapore and are very easy to make, even Sofia knows how to make them after we took a class in 2010.

You can read all about how to make them here.

Location: Kingston Upon Thames, London
Date Photo Taken: December 2010

P365 TE Points for today: 2 out of 3 (for now)
P365 TE Points from Audience Interaction as of August 11: 223
P365 TE Running Points: 673 out of 678 (as of posting)

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