Friday, August 15, 2014

Sukiya vs Yoshinoya Gyudon Face-Off with Sukiya FTW

In our past trips to Japan, we normally eat in Yoshinoya for one of our first meals. Normally, when we're tired and hungry, and we still don't have a lay of the land, so our other eating options are not yet clear.
First Meal with Jem in Osaka in Yoshinoya across Namba Station in 2011.

It was only on our last trip to Osaka did we try Sukiya, a similar local chain, because our friends who arrived a few days ahead of us were really raving about it.

This is the logo of Sukiya, which is easily recognizable once you see it.
This is the Gyudon of Sukiya (Large Serving).
But we really came for the Gyudon with Cheese (Large Serving).
It's really a level above Yoshinoya which has no similar offering.
Since I'm such a sucker for freebies, I had to order the Kid's Meal so
I could bring home the Thomas the Train for Lukey, and Snoopy utensils
for Sofia. I'm not really sure if you could bring home the utensils
but the guy kept saying "Hai". Arigato language barrier.
Since we were all starving and I knew that the Kid's Meal would not be
enough, I also ordered a small Gyudon with Cheese on the side.
Sukiya is similar in set up to Coco Curry. There are a lot of size options
to choose from, with the kcal count included.
We discovered that you get the best Cheese to Gyudon ratio when you
order the smaller bowls. This is the small size, so you might not get full.
If you're not eating anything else, like a Kid's Meal, the best size to order
is the Medium or 390Yen bowl. They suggest eating it with Tabasco.
But we find it so much better with the Japanese Chili Powder.

Sukiya vs Yoshinoya Gyudon Face-Off Challenge
Sukiya Gyudon to Yoshinoya Gyudon Challenge would be a Tie.
Seriously, how can you screw up Gyudon?
Sukiya Gyudon with Cheese vs Yoshinoya Gyudon clearly goes to...
Sukiya For The Win!!!
Sukiya also offers other Donburi dishes, and they are also famous for the Unagi Gyudon (which Yoshinoya also has), unfortunately, I am not an Unagi fan so no face-off for that dish.
A sample of the Donburi selection.
A closer look at the Gyudon pricing.
I'm not really sure of Yoshinoya's pricing but I think Sukiya has more options.
Since there's no Sukiya yet in Manila (hint! hint! to entrepreneurs looking for a franchise to bring in), it might be a good idea to buy a Yoshinoya beef bowl (take away), load up the cheese and nuke it at home. Yumm yumm.... just saying.

Note: You can visit the website of Sukiya here. It's in Japanese, but it will give you an idea of their offerings.

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