Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kawaii finds from Tokyu Hands 2014 edition

Tokyu Hands is one of my favorite stores in the world. Mainly, because they have all sorts of cute or kawaii stuff which you didn't know you needed (because you really don't) except they're too cute to resist, and the only reason you're walking away is because unlike Daiso - where everything is 100Yen (or it's equivalent in other countries), is because you may not be willing to shell out the money for something you didn't know you needed in the first place.

Sorry if my run-on sentence is quite unclear. But maybe my top picks (not in any order) will help illustrate what I mean.

1. Sticker Rolls and Clear Faced Bags perfect for wrapping small gifts. 
The only catch, if you're just giving token presents or giveaways, you're wrapping might come out more expensive than the gift.
While washi tape (or Japanese decorated masking tape) is all the rage,
there is also a line of sticker rolls that are really kawaii.
They come with coordinating kawaii clear faced bags.
Clear faced bags are perfect for small gifts.
Clear in front, printed at the back, with adhesive seal to close it.

2. Photo Frame Stickers for Instax
Instead of getting decorated Instax Film,
You can just buy plain and stick on the frames instead.
3. Rubber Stamp Printer
Turn your favorite photos into rubber stamps. This had me so intrigued, I tried to research it, without much success, so I think it's still mainly just available in Japan.
The actual stamp printer is the brown contraption on the lower right.
But you'll need to buy the wooden handles (sample in middle box),
and the rubber pads separately.
Your favorite pictures, transformed into rubber stamps! Brilliant!
4. Toys that make real food!
Flavored Popcorn maker that makes use of flavorings available in the
Japanese market, and a Gyudon and Smoothie maker.
Kids can also make real sushi.
5. Level up food pouches
In my popular Kawaii Things to buy from Japan from 2012 I already posted about realistic looking food pouches.
Food Pouches as seen in my Kawaii List in 2012
But this time around, I found food pouches realistic...
on the outside.
As well as inside. Hello,  Juicy Scallop!
6.  Baguette Sandwich and cold cuts sticky notes
I had the hardest time walking away from this Baguette Sandwich
sticky notes. It really called "buy me!", to the French in me!
The sandwich is perforated to work as smaller sticky note pieces.
each filling also works like a smaller sticky note pads.
You can also but the cold cuts sticky notes separately.
7. Miniature Japanese Store Diaromas
These are like the adult version of the cute Re-Ments I love. (you can read about re-ments here)
If the price was just a bit more affordable, and had I had the space at home to display this, I might have caved in and bought some.
Japanese Slippers Store
Kite Store. Can you spy the Totoro looking kite?
Ceramics store
Thus is what the shelf display looks like.
8. Frixion Colored Pencils
My love for Frixion pens never ends. And this time around, I could not say no to their newest innovation, a set of colored pencils that... you guessed it! are erasable by friction.
They work just like real colored pencils that you sharpen.
Frixion erasers are also sold separately. 
9. The cutest sticky note flags
The now come in popular Disney characters.
So if you love all things kawaii, and money is no object, make your way to the closest Tokyu Hands store now! just saying.

If you live in Singapore you don't have to go as far as Japan anymore to get your Kawaii fix. Tokyu Hands will be opening it's first store in Singapore this year. You can read all about it here.

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