Sunday, November 2, 2014

Balesin World Tour of 7 different villages from around the world

You can read my first post on our stay at the Mykonos Village in Balesin here. Since Balesin is known for having different villages inspired by Beach Destinations around the world, we jumped at the chance to take the tour of the island to check it out.

Balesin Tour Group by Jeep
Balesin Tour group by bike photobombing posh-looking jeepney driver
Biker Group Before the Tour
The thing with Balesin is the Jeepney Driver Tour Guides speak with a posh
accent too. Perhaps it makes it easier to rub shoulders with elite clientele?

First Stop was Costa Del Sol in Spain
The highlights for me are their pretty fresh water and salt water pools.
And the three rocks you see jutting out at sea when the tide is low.
A nice bonus of the tour is you get to see all the rooms. At Costa Del Sol,
there's a day bed in the lanai, and inside it was a loft.
Team Unilever in Costa Del Sol

Next Stop was Phuket in Thailand
The wood carvings they used to decorate the place are
locally made on the island and for sale in Ifugao Village.
The highlight of Phuket for me is the outdoor rain shower and jacuzzi.
Team Unilever in Phuket

Next up was a detour to Banyan Tree Park, The Balesin Spa and Ifugao Village
Balesin actually got it's name from the big Balete (or Banyan Tree) in the
island because it was called Baleteng Asin - shortened to Balesin.
We found more Unilever friends, and we were joined by
a Dutch couple that we were touring with.
At the Balesin Spa, you have an option of getting a massage in one of the
rooms around the pool, or in a hut by the beach.
It was just too hot for the CMD girls to get off the jeep in Ifugao Village.

Back to the world tour, next stop was Saint Tropez in France
Though there's a bit of a disconnect with the decor which feels more
Provence inspired. (But I guess Provence is NOT a beach destination
so they couldn't call it that).
The place has a boutique hotel feel with the balcony is over looking the beach.
Team Unilever in Saint Tropez

Next stop is Toscano in Italy
I didn't get the feeling that it was distinctly Italian, but maybe that's
because we've already visited several villages.
Team Unilever in Toscano

Our last stop was Bali in Indonesia
The Bali villas feel very much the same as the Phuket one, with the Jacuzzi
in the veranda instead of in the outdoor shower.
Team Unilever in Bali
I loved the Ubud Door, but the huts on stilts remind me more of Maldives.
At our last stop, the Sherwin-Brian Bromance was still going strong
so I couldn't resist and I took a selfie with them in the background.
But I must say, their picture point reco was quite nice!

We didn't stop at Mykonos anymore because that was where we stayed. You can read all about it in the link above.

We went back to Costa Del Sol for lunch and I must say it was the best meal I had in Balesin. I wasn't really impressed with the other meals we had, but I wasn't able to figure out if they were just skimping on us because we got a conference package - or if the food just really isn't outstanding.
Cochinillo for the win, but I must say I've had better Paella Negra.
Biker Group After the Tour!!!
Seems like biking around the island is a great idea if you're really fit.
It's so hot, so you get to try out the pools in all the villages to cool down.
CMDLT missing Sar and Der.
My favorite village is still Mykonos. It really feels like Greece - and for a place 20-25 minutes away from Manila that's really great.

You can avail of a Membership in Balesin for a whopping 4 Million pesos. It comes with 14 free nights so don't forget to invite me. It might be cheaper to just visit the beach destinations around the world instead, but if you think long term at least for 4Million bucks, you can go every year! just saying.

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