Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cool Toy Alert: MiWorld Toys are the Mall version of a Doll House for Girls

Sofia got some really cool toys for her 7th Birthday. One of our new favorites is MiWorld (pronounced as My World), and the toys slogan is "Real World Made Mini", which is exactly what it is, a modern day doll house, of Shopping Mall proportions! 

The play sets are a bit pricey though, especially when you take into account having to buy several because otherwise, it won't look like a mall, but what cinched the deal for us is that you can download the MiWorld App on your phone, and your avatar actually works with the toy.

Sofia with her Mrs. Fields play set from Ninong Timmy.
The smaller play sets don't come with a doll so you need
to buy it separately.
You get to build and play with your own cookie store.
Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies anyone?
It's very easy to set up the play set.
Ready for business.
You just open the app, and head towards the store
you own to get started.
You can use the app get get your avatar to enter your store through
your phone's camera. Then you can click on the shimmering posters.
The shop becomes interactive with giant cookies rolling out,
or a plate of brownies appearing.
There are a lot of small pieces, but packing away is easy too.
You just need zip lock bags to get organized.
Ninang Ria got Sofia the MiWorld Sketchers store.
She was so happy with Ninang Ria and Uncle Miggy's gift because she was so afraid she was going to get chopped body parts from Ninang Ria. You can read all about the body parts from Sofia's 700th Birthday Party at Hotel Transylvania here.

Sofia setting up her Sketchers Store.
This kid really loved Sketchers she's bought almost all the pairs in the store
on the mobile app.
Ready for business.
The stores connect to one another to make the mall.
We need more play sets for the second floor.
Getting the mobile app ready.
The cool thing about the Sketchers store aside from tapping the poster
to make her dance, is she can also try on different pairs of shoes.
Sof being the smart kid that she is has already asked me if I want her to give
me either the DQ shop or OPI for my birthday so she can play with it.

MiWorld toys are available in the Philippines at Toys R Us.
It has been our hobby to check which play sets are
available. BTW, they sell out really quickly.
The bigger play sets like Sketchers and Claire's is Php2,500.
The cool thing is that their branches here have similar merchandise.
The starter play sets with no dolls, like the OPI
and Mrs. Fields one are Php1,500.
They even have a MiWorld Photo Booth (Php700).
It works with your camera phone.
Dolls are Php400 each. They all come with aprons so they can be sellers,
or shoppers.
They also have extra merchandise you can buy for the stores.
Php200 for more selling stock.

Thank you very much Ninong Timmy and Ninang Ria for your really cool  birthday gifts!!!

If you need a gift for a little girl roughly around Sofia's age, this will surely be a hit. Even for their moms, except when it's time to buy more play sets. just saying.

You can visit the MiWorld website here.

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