Friday, November 21, 2014

MADECA another winner discovery for Fil-Mex Fusion Cuisine

My aunt, who introduced us to my new favorite Filipino Restaurant, Siklab, which you can read about here, has also been raving about this place in Podium with really good Lechon Kawali fused together with something. Hahaha. I couldn't remember the details, but the Lechon Kawali, I remember. So when she came back from London and we wanted to meet up so I could get all my bilins, I was game when she mentioned lunch at her favorite place in Podium.

Madeca is a Filipino-Mexican fusion place very near the movie theaters,
on the top most floor.
I was running late because Sofia wanted McDonald's and there wasn't McDonald's in Podium so we had to grab it before coming, so I just told Auntie Stell to order her favorites so we could share it.
She ordered the Lechon Kawali Soft Taco... and it's really to die for!!!
If the fat kills you, it's worth it! Hahaha.
We also had the Grilled Eggplant Quesadilla and it was a good complement
to the Soft Taco. In fact, you feel like you're eating healthy (vegetables)
to compensate for the lechon kawali.
Servings are pretty big, because we had 1 soft taco each, and we had 2 quesadillas each, but we needed to sort of force ourselves to eat the second one.
Each dish comes with chips (refer to pic above) and the Soft Tacos comes
in twos. This was after Auntie Stell ate her share.
The place is no frills, but they serve good food. If I am not mistaken,
you place your order and pay, then they'll serve it to you.
Pricing is very reasonable too.
For both dishes, our total bill was only Php310.
So that's just Php155 per person!
Madeca is turning 2 this November, so they actually have
a 2 for 1 promo on their Sisig Burritos!

Sucker for a sale that I am, I am already convincing my siblings to try this for lunch on Sunday so that we can avail! 

Here are my pictures from Madeca - Revisited!

This is what the Lechon Kawali Soft Taco looks like.
It was an instant hit with everyone.
We ordered the Sisig Burrito - which was 2 for 1 and also a bestseller.
It was quite heavy so I was happy with half. It was also good, but you
kind of get the feeling that you could use more meat, given the amount of rice.
We also tried the Spinach and Mushroom Quesadilla to healthify
our lunch (yeah, fooling ourselves here), but the eggplant was much better.
Thank you siblings for braving the Ortigas traffic with me.

Madeca definitely makes it to our list of possible weekend lunch options, but since it's approaching Christmas, best to stay away from Megamall and pass ADB Avenue through Galleria instead. just saying.

Ortigas 5/F Podium Mall, 
18 ADB Ave., 
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong

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