Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our stay at Mykonos Village in Balesin Island Club

Balesin Island Club is known as a private Beach Club, which caters to the elite rich and famous (and their friends). It's an island located off the eastern coast of Luzon (wherever that is) which is accessible to members only and their guests. Balesin Island Club has their own planes to ferry members to the island, as well as their own hanger and departure lounge. They control everything, in fact, you don't even find out the flight schedules until a day before.

I'm not a member, but I was lucky enough to get a chance to see how the rich an famous spend their weekends during the summer thanks to one of the meetings I had to attend for work.

You normally get to Balesin on a small plane.
I'm just glad it's not this small.
The plane we took going seats around 30 people. You can see the propeller as
well as the pilot especially if you're on the front row. Flight time is 20-25 mins.
The runway cuts through the entire island.
First group to land!
First Timers... you'll actually get identified because there's a first timers briefing.
When they arrive, they tell you about the different villages on Balesin Island,
as well as the different amenities.
Then you can walk across to the Clubhouse to check-in, or you can also take
the shuttle.
Since we caught a really early flight, everyone had breakfast first at the
Clubhouse. I had Eggs Ben but it wasn't really outstanding.
The tapa I ordered the next day was so much better, together with the
longganisa we ordered to share which I failed to take a picture of. 

They say the best beach is in Balesin Village. Unfortunately, we didn't get any time the first day to enjoy it, but our meeting room (at Sala) had a really great view.
The only catch is there is no mobile signal so you need to
use shells! Kidding!!! There is SMART signal in some
parts of the island.

I am really happy to be working with a great group of people.

After a full day's work on the first day, we finally got to explore the amenities of Mykonos Village where we stayed.
With my roomies, Leng and Tita Jacques.
Our room was big enough for 4 to share with a queen sized bed, 2 day beds,
and they even put an extra bed we didn't need. The highlight for me is the
private Jacuzzi in the veranda and lounge chairs facing the beach.
And not to mention the CBTL coffee machine.
These are how the villas look like at night from the pool area.
Beautiful Pool
I must say they did Mykonos Village really well. It reminds me a lot of my
stay in Santorini and when I posted pictures, my Greek friend from Athens
thought I was actually in the Greek Isles.
Big crabs roam the streets at night so beware. Hahaha.
Unfortunately I only stayed for a night so I maximized the swimming
and the hanging out.
With the resident stock holder of Balesin who gave me
a private tour of where to the best pictures from.

I wasn't planning on waking up early the next day, but somehow I did, so when Tita Jacques went out to explore, I decided to come with her.
This is how the villas look early in the morning.
Totally worth getting up for.
Pool and Sea at sunrise.
Muni muni lang, pagmay time.
I wanted to prank Berns and take a selfie beside him,
but he woke up!
With Tita Jacques
Hello, Dennis! Another early bird.
This is how our villa looks from the outside during the day.
Instead of going back inside to sleep, I decided to nap here instead.
Armed with a pre-breakfast snack and reading material,
I was still able to nap a bit, 
Happy that Carms was able to join us as her daughter was sick the day before.

I was leaving on the 4:00pm flight, so just a little after 2:00pm I was hoping I would still get some time to swim, but it was cutting it too close.
This is what the beach looks like from outside our Villa in the afternoon.
A closer look.
I decided to take a dip in the jacuzzi instead, so atleast the
 water would be clean and it would be half my bath already.
Looking like a lobster in the Jacuzzi.
It was a great decision because I was able to enjoy this view!
Jacuzzi Availed.
I would have been just on time too, if only I didn't have the brilliant idea of drying my swimsuit in the veranda while I showered which resulted in me getting accidentally locked out of my roomwith no clothes! I had to wear my wet swimsuit behind the couch so I could ask housekeeping to open my room for me. I was still on time - but I think the stress of getting locked out naked undid all the relaxing I was able to do in the Jacuzzi.

I shouldn't have rushed anyway because the flight back was late due to airport congestion in Manila.
The planes, waiting for the go signal from Manila that would allow us to land.
We took the smaller plane this time and I enjoyed it so much more.
The view from the smaller plane was so much better because the front
and the sides of the first row was all glass.
In no time we were already approaching Manila.
That was a great trip Balesin! You can avail of a membership for a whopping 4 Million pesos. It comes with 14 nights free stay. Please don't forget to invite me. just saying.

You can visit the Balesin Island Club website here. My post on the different villages to follow.

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