Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sofia's Flower Girl Diaries from JL and Rochelle's Wedding at Chapel on the Hill

My good friends, JL and Rochelle, got married yesterday, and because I have been good friends for a long time with the bride, I was able to strategically influence their decision to get Sofia as one of their flower girls. Hahaha. Stage Mommy here. It took quite some convincing, but they advised me early on that Sofia was on their shortlist! I guess, that kind of detailed planning helped make yesterday's ceremony and reception beautiful and intimate.

JL and Rochelle got married on Chapel on the Hill in Nasugbu, just a little after Tagaytay, and had their wedding reception at Antonio's. The wedding invitation said 3pm, so I thought, it would be better if we left earlier, and just waited around the area instead. This turned out to be a good plan, since the traffic was so bad, we ended up almost late!
This is the 8th time Sofia was a flower girl so she had everything ready.
She brought her own pillow, soft toys, musical mobile and soft blanket,
so she could sleep in the car, expecting a long ride.

We left around 10:30am, but because the traffic was really bad after Nuvali, we ended up arriving in Tagaytay around 1:30pm. I normally have a list of errands whenever I find myself in the area, so we did a quick detour to Ilog Maria, the Honeybee Farm in Silang Cavite (past Santi's and Gourmet), so I could stock up on their Natural Honey and Citronella for Sofia, then we rushed back towards Nasugbu, so we could stop for a quick lunch at Bag of Beans before the wedding.

Traffic = Time for Make-up in the Car
We arrived at Bag of Beans around 2:30pm and their service was excellent.
The food was good, and it was served fast especially after I told them
my daughter was rushing to be flower girl in 30 minutes.
Sofia has been so excited for the wedding since the day
before, she was busy practicing her smile on the way.
We arrived at the Chapel just a few minutes past 3pm,
so we still had some time to socialize while waiting
for the other guests to arrive.
We were teasing Sofia that this was her bouquet of flowers.
Sofia with her real bouquet.
Sofia with Tito JL
Chapel on a Hill is beautiful. It's just small and cozy, and
it has mountains in the back. It gets pretty chilly though.
Good thing Ninang Ria was also attending the wedding.
There were more hands to entertain this little girl.
Sofia with the other flower girls Margaux and Kylie. I don't know what it is
with kids these days, but they both spelled out their names for me.
Sofia before walking down the aisle.
But the aisle was very short, so that was my only
good picture. Hahaha. The rest I got was her back.
The beautiful bride.
The Chapel's coziness coupled with Fr. Dacanay's sense of humor,
actually makes it easy to pay attention. 
With Alvy, Sofia and her new friend who even wanted
Sofia to save her a seat at the reception.
The entourage.
The couple with the "Unilever Friends-mandated" group pic.
We literally refused to leave the Chapel without a picture with the newly-weds.

Cocktails followed before the reception dinner at Antonio's. Since I have a picky-eater daughter, I fed her Jollibee first before we went, just to make sure she has something in her stomach if she doesn't like the food.
The program was a lot of fun because it was hosted by the three stooges,
Richie, Edward and Pat, who rivaled Father Dacanay's sense of humor.
And the program was kicked off with a bang, with Rochelle (and JL's) first
dance as a couple.
It was really funny watching Rochelle give JL instructions as they were
dancing... and you could really see the confusion on his face.
Welcome to married life! :) I wouldn't know, of course!
Our old RTM team was privileged enough to be seated with the Ninangs.
There were some parts when Sofia was quite bored,
since her new friend was seated at a separate table,
but my bracelet with the mobile charms helped entertain her.
Sofia with the bride and groom.
It was a good thing, Sofia brought the whole house,
because it sure came in handy on our way home.

Thank you very much JL and Rochelle for inviting us to celebrate your special day with you! Wishing you many many more years of happiness and good restaurants to share! just saying.

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