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Taiwan Excellence and my love for Taiwan

*This is my first (PAID) sponsored post... HOORAY!!! hahaha.

I love Taiwan. Ever since we visited the country last year - through Cebu Pacific's piso fare promotions, it was a real eye opener for me, because not only was the food so great which I expected, shopping was good too. You can read my posts on Taiwan here so you can see why I love it so much.

One of my favorite shops in Taiwan is the stationery store.
They have really cool washi tape and decorated flags.
Even Sofia found a lot of knick knacks to buy in Taiwan. 

Another reason why we love Taiwan is it's proximity to the Philippines, and while a visa is required to enter, Filipinos are allowed to get a pass online as long as you hold a valid visa from other countries like Japan, US, UK and the Schengen countries, among others. You can read my post about it here.

However, if you can't find a piso fare, or you don't have any of the visas required to get an entry pass, you don't need to worry... because (yes... this is really the topic of the post) the Taiwan government is launching the Taiwan Excellence campaign in the Philippines. It is through this campaign that Taiwan can promote top quality Taiwanese brands and products among Filipinos.

This is the first time that the campaign will be launched in the Philippines which will give Filipinos the opportunity to discover a range of Taiwanese products with the seal of quality.

The campaign will bring in 56 top quality brands to the Philippine market. These brands will be bringing in 175 products which fall under different industries such as information and communications technologies (ICT), home and living, and sports & leisure. Examples of this brands include some we are already familiar with such as ACER and ASUS in the ICT front.

I think this is really important, because I can think of several instances when I've wanted to buy something, but because I am not familiar with them (such as the other 50+ brands Taiwan Excellence is bringing in), I am not sure if they stand for quality. This won't be a problem any longer because the Taiwan Excellence is a campaign that recognizes high-quality Taiwanese brands, guaranteeing their superior quality and value. To qualify for these awards, the products go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are of the highest standard and can proudly represent the unique and innovative culture of Taiwan.

The Taiwan Excellence campaign started as part of the Ministry of Economic Affair’s (MOEA) 5 year plan in the 1980’s to raise Taiwan’s international competitiveness by supporting its local brands. Under the Image Enhancement Plan, the Taiwan Excellence Award campaign was established in 1992.  The “Taiwan Excellence” was awarded to products based on R&D, design, quality, and marketing efforts. If selected, the brands and products were allowed to use the Taiwan Excellence Seal locally and internationally.  

All Taiwan based brands are eligible to be part of the campaign. Product categories include consumer and business IT, fashion, arts and culture, sports, education, transportation, and others.

Each product is scored based on its R&D, design, quality, and marketing by an international panel of judges. Each product must score evenly in all four categories. After careful evaluation, those selected are allowed to carry the Taiwan Excellence Seal.

In 2014, the campaign was introduced to the Philippines for the first time to benefit Filipino consumers who purchase products from Taiwan. The campaign carried the theme “Excellent Lifestyle” not just to showcase the 56 excellent brands under Taiwan Excellence, but to also let Filipinos recognize how these products enable them to enjoy an excellent lifestyle. Some of the brands under the campaign include Acer, Asus, HTC, Tatung, and BenQ.

For more information visit:
The campaign is organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA),
Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), R.O.C. Taiwan,
and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

This is something that would be really helpful to us, especially as we start shopping for our Christmas presents. I've visited their facebook page through the link above and I've already found a few things I want to buy. But then we all know I don't need more reasons to shop, but the Taiwan Excellence Seal sure sounds like a good excuse to me. just saying.

*everything in this font was quoted directly from the Press Kit

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