Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7-11 Winner Dessert Finds


After stuffing our faces at the coffee shop the other night, we decided to look for dessert at 7-11. There's a newly opened one in UE Square so we decided to go to that one so we would not need to cross the street.

I thought we were just going to humor Sofia by letting her buy some gummis, but I was pleasantly surprised we were able to find a few winner things for dessert.

When we entered, the entire store smelled like waffles.
It smelled so good I convinced yaya she wanted one.
They used pandan flavoured batter.
Sofia went straight to the gummis pointing out what she wants.
Happy with her haul.
This small packet was weighed and cost us less than SG$2.
The waffle is now ready.
I told yaya she wanted peanut butter ofcourse! 
The hot waffle makes the peanut butter gooey good.
It's such a steal for SG$1 (Php34)
Then when I saw this I knew it was a MUST BUY.
Just as the sign says.
Profiteroles from Italy for only SG$2 (Php68)?
That also sounds like a steal.
The consistency of the chocolate and the profiteroles were perfect.
The Sofia stamp of approval.

She didn't want to share at first so we had to eat dessert there,
so that we could buy more if it wasn't enough.
7-11 now has a lot of meals available, they also have a sitting area.

Now if we're craving for some dessert, we can always go to 7-11. There is always one on (almost) every street corner. I just hope all the branches have these winner finds! Just Saying.

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