Monday, July 23, 2012

Le Cuisson @ Holland Drive


One of my favorite hawker stalls in Singapore is Le Cuisson. We used to visit it quite a lot, and I also have written about it several times which you can read here and here, when they were still located behind Bugis Junction. 

They have since re-opened as a French Inspired by Le Cuisson hawker stall in Holland Drive (along Commonwealth Avenue). It's funny though because their facebook page says that they are a Soul Food Restaurant and  "They have progressed much from the times at queen street." making you wonder if they have gone the route of Saveur on Purvis Street but once you arrive at the place you realize that only the location has changed, most of the menu is the same, it's just much less centrally located now (lower rent, better margins, same cost for us?). It's still worth the trip, as long as you don't take a cab, because I don't see the point in going for good cheap food, when your cab costs (close to SG$20 according to more than your meal!

We brought my sister and her friends all the way to Holland Drive for Le Cuisson.
It's Kim's first time at a hawker center.
I hope she doesn't think all the hawker centers in Singapore have good French food.
Since I had really good Foie Gras for lunch***I decided to order something different.
Smoked Duck Salad SG$5 (Php166) but I added Foie Gras SG$8 (SG$265) 
***you can read about my winner Foie Gras lunch from Fat Cow here.

Ady and I ordered our usual Angus Steak to share.
Angus Steak SG$14 (Php465).
It's as good as we remembered.
A new addition to their menu was Braised Pork with couscous SG$14 (Php465).
It was melt in your mouth and very flavorful.
But I think their plating is crap.
The pork looks like it was cut with a very blunt knife.
I was a bit afraid I would die of too much Foie Gras in one day...
but I guess when you eat it with greens it's not fatal, but don't quote me on that.
If you can manage to ignore the ambiance, the food is really worth the trip!
We saw Bus 32 drive by right in front of the hawker center.
It's not the far after all. I am just sad I won't be just a straight bus away anymore...

My sister was quite disappointed because they no longer have Truffle Mashed Potatoes on the menu anymore, but her friends said that it's a place they can come back to.

Le Cuisson
Block 40 Holland Drive
Open 11:30am-2:00pm and 5:30-9:15pm
MRT (Buona Vista)

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