Friday, July 13, 2012

Chinatown Food Street


I love going to Chinatown. Maybe it's because I'm half Chinese... (I'm half French and half Filipino too... so you do the math)... or it might simply be because there's always good food in Chinatown. I like going to the Chinatown Food Street in Smith Street because they have what for me is the best Char Kwey Teow. Chinatown Food Street, is like a hawker center but instead of being in one covered location, all the food stalls are in the street that is closed to traffic.

We were waiting for our friends to arrive so I ordered some satay first.
We ordered from City Satay.
Chicken, mutton and pork satay. SG$6 (Php200) for 10 sticks. 
This is my favorite Char Kwey Teow stall.
There's always a long line and the lady cooks the noodles in big batches with a plate.
If you are OC on cleanliness, maybe this place is not for you.
But then, this is Singapore so it can't be that unclean.
The Chicken and Mushroom Char Kwey Teow is the best!
Big Plate SG$8 (Php265)
We also ordered Carrot Cake because my friends have never tried it before.
The line was also long which we took as a sign of good food.
Carrot Cake with Prawn SG$4 (Php133)
My friend ordered a hot pot dish with rice.
Sofia normally eats dimsum from the first stall in the Food Street.
You can order hakaw (Prawn Dumplings) and siomai by the piece for SG$1 (Php34) each.
Sofia playing with Luna while the parents eat.

Over-all, Chinatown Food Street has really good Char Kwey Teow, ok dimsum and other passable options that can complement the noodles enough for it to be worth the trip... if you have a really bad Char Kwey Teow craving. Just Saying.

335 Smith Street

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