Thursday, July 12, 2012

London from 100VE

In London, I worked in an office called 100VE. It had a lovely view of the Thames River.
This is just a collection of the pictures I have on my phone from walking to work, from meeting rooms and lifts, and from walking home.

The horses stopped for the stoplight.
The wall you see on the right is my office.
View from the roof top terrace.
London was always gloomy.
If you look hard enough, you'll see tower bridge.
The dome of St. Paul's cathedral.
I had to get a coffee to keep me warm because I went out without a coat and it was chilly.
More of London.
You can see the London Eye from here.
If the weather were warmer, Lunch out here would be really nice.
I loved the view from the lift the best.

I loved working in London. ...but not as such as I loved working in Paris. Just Saying.

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