Friday, July 27, 2012

Staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel


Marina Bay Sands is the iconic hotel that has changed the landscape of Singapore's skyline. It is best describe as the three tall buildings connected by the boat on top. That's what Sofia used to call it. It is part of the Sands Casino and Hotel group known for The Sands and The Venetian Hotels in Las Vegas and Macao.

An extreme close-up of the Marina Bay Sands from the Garden Bridge.
The rooms are nothing to write home about.
They told us that they gave us a free upgrade
because they had no rooms with King Size beds available.
If the room were any smaller it would be a shoe box.
You really pay a premium for the view.
Sofia likes it because of the day bed that she likes claiming as hers.
The Sofia hotel stamp of approval is when she can't sit still because she's busy exploring.
The room is only small because the bathroom is as big as the bedroom.
There are his and hers sinks in the bathroom receiving area where the tub is.
Then there is a shower stall and toilet on on the side opposite the sinks.
The view is something to write home about.
This picture was taken around 6pm.
Arts and Science Museum side.
It's really nice around sunset.
These pictures were taken just a few minutes after 7pm.
Hotel residents get exclusive access to the pool at the SkyPark.
The view is beautiful, but expect crowds.
Especially during sunset.
It's like Barcelona on the first weekend of summer.
Or Matabungkay during Good Friday. You get the drift.
I can sit there forever and blog. Hahaha.
But you need insect repellent.
The view is also nice at night.

I jumped into the pool for a swim because I wanted to see what the fuss was about for the Light Show. We sometimes see it from River Valley, but I don't really get it.

I swam to the edge of the infinity pool to take pics.
Blue lights projected into the sky.
Finer green lights projected into the bay.
Me and the Singapore skyline at night.
The blue lights come from the Sky Park.
To look like this.
They also do the blue and green lights together.

I still don't get it... so I just took pictures of myself instead.

With the Sky Park in the background. 
With the Skyline again in the background.

and with the light show I don't get in the background.
I love Singapore at night.

Sofia prefers hanging around in the room and enjoying the view from there.
Her favorite hotel meal has always been instant noodles.
Lucky Me with the cow picture prefered.
We called up Gammy and Lolo.
She told them see you in two or three days.
She wanted to pretend to be luggage.
Then she tried putting herself to sleep on the day bed with all her toys.
(they are coming on the plane with us!)

In the morning...
Sofia plays with her Lego while enjoying the view.
Lego makes any place feel like home,
and Lego Friends has bricks in purple, pink, aqua and green. 
Sofia built Emma's Fashion Design Studio (39936) all by herself.
SG$19.90 (Php670)
Emma's Studio must be located in really prime property to have that kind of view!

Marina Bay Sands has an online promotion where they are offering 51% off their Peak Rates on selected dates in July to August. It's quite funny because I remember receiving an email from one of the online discount deal sights where Marina Bay Sands was offered for SG$200+ (less than SG$300 for sure) so I googled it... and the result I got was for the Marina Bay Sands promotion, warning people against a fake online deal.

Moral Lesson: Beware of Fake Online Deals
But isn't it curious? Why give a 51% percent discount?
Maybe there was a deal... and it just gone bad. Just Saying.

Deluxe Rooms start at SG$399 even with the promotion. If you want to stay over without paying through the nose you can look for someone with a Corporate Rate (believe me, it's still much cheaper), or better yet, find a friend who works for MBS. Employees get a special rate that they can offer to 10 friends a year or something like that. Just Saying.

10 Bayfront Avenue


  1. Hi!

    We are going to stay at Marina Bay Sands next year for our honeymoon. May I know what to do to have a free upgrade? If I will also be requesting for a queen sized bed, will there be a big possibility that we will be given a free upgrade?


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