Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our favorite SG Coffee Shop

There are a lot of things we will miss about Singapore. One of them is the neighborhood that we live in, and the simple yet good (and inexpensive) food that you can get from the street corner down the road.

My favorite Coffee Shop in Singapore is the one beside UE Square, where my office used to be located. I like the place because I remember my old boss bringing me to eat there one late night since it was very near where he lived at that time. And once we've moved in Singapore, it was very convenient for me to buy take away there on my way home from the old office.

When they say Coffee Shop in Singapore, don't expect a local Starbucks. Though there are chains like Toast Box, Killiney Kopitiam and Ya Kun Kaya Toast, the generic coffee shops are normally stand alone food stalls on a street similar to the food stalls in a hawker center.

The low building in the middle are coffee shops in the old shop houses.
The building at the back is UE Square, where my office used to be located.
A closer look at the coffee shops from the Aspen Heights side.
This is my favorite coffee shop.
I think it's the second one from the corner (UE Square side).
This is the block of coffee shops looks like
if you're coming from UE Square.
The place in the corner beside it sells Bak Kut Teh.
I attempted to buy once. It had hair. I never tried again.
The owner of this stall also harassed my mom and accused her of bumping his
car with my daughter's stroller and was trying to get a lot of money from us.
Seriously. BTW, that's supposed to be a secret. SHHHH. 
You'll now you're in the correct place if you see these
shop houses across the street.
They have progressed a lot through the years.
They now have Daily Special Meal Deals.
My favorite order is the Roast Duck Set SG$5.30 (Php174)
It comes with 2 pcs fried dumpling, vegetables and rice.
I get a double portion of veggies (Sofia's) so I survive with no carbs.
Yaya ordered Wanton Noodles. (It comes with Pork Asado pieces).
SG$3.00 (Php100)

They also have good Seafood Fried Noodles, Century Egg Porridge and Chicken Rice (but servings are on the small side, but then so is the price). Every time we are there, I notice that half their customers are foreigners. Most probably expats like us who live in the area. Like us, they probably find it easier (and cheaper) to buy food than to cook. I am sure there are a lot of neighborhood coffee shops in Singapore that may be just as good or even better. We are creatures of habit so to us, this is our favorite. Just Saying.

Our Favorite Local Coffee Shop
River Valley Road (just after UE Square if you are coming from Clarke Quay).
Second Stall from the corner

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