Friday, July 13, 2012

GSS Epic Fail

GSS stands for the Great Singapore Sale. It's normally the best time to visit Singapore, save for Chinese New Year, because of all the shops that go on sale at the same time. I know people who fly to Singapore just for this sale... However, this year, the pickings have been really slim. I think I just bought one jersey dress from Mango on sale.

I just tell myself I did my shopping in advance when I went crazy in Europe in April and May. Slowly, I have been using my new bags.

When we're not going far, I dress to match my blue bag.
It's quite heavy so I don't like carrying it if we need to walk a lot.
I've also discovered that my red Furla bag is a nice every day bag.
It's small but roomy.
This was our get up.
This is our reflection in one of the stores in Changi.
I also used my new black Furla back to fly home to Manila.
It travels well.

Sadly, this does not mean we have not been shopping! It just means that the things we've bought don't really go on sale. sigh.

As usual... we bought big boxes of Lego.

The GSS is officially until 22nd July. It's a new experience for me not to buy anything - ON SALE. Just Saying. 

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