Sunday, July 15, 2012

The best Egg Tarts and BBQ Pork Puffs in SG


The best egg tarts and best BBQ Pastry (or char siew) Puffs in Singapore can be found at Tong Heng Bakeshop or Confectionary in Chinatown. I have previously written about it in my Chinese New Year post, but it's so good, we had to introduce it to our Filipino friends who just moved to Singapore, and we had to make sure that we went for an egg-tart-and-char-siew-puff-fix before going back to Manila for good.

Pau, Tala and Luna Lakwatsera, who've just moved to Singapore.

Pau was ecstatic when he realized that Tong Heng also had different kinds of hopia.
Hopia is a Bean-Filled Pastry introduced by Chinese immigrants in the Philippines.
We were buying the bean crisps (hopia) one at a time
so we can figure out which ones we liked better. 
I'm not really fond of hopia but I liked the sweet salty combo of this one.
SG$1.30 (Php43)
These are the really good BBQ Pastry Puffs.
SG$1.30 (Php43)
The egg tarts are best eaten when they are still warm.
SG$1.40 (Php46.50)
I ordered a box of 2 of all the things I like but some have been eaten na.
This is how the bean pastries look like,
the crust in flakier than the Philippine version but salty and sweet really rules.

285 South Bridge Road
Open 9am-10pm

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