Monday, July 16, 2012

Watching Annie

Guess what we watched last weekend???

I was so tempted to buy Annie Hair from the souvenir shop.
I thought it was not expensive for SG$15 (Php500)
Little orphan Tiana...
with little orphan Dindin.
This orphan looks happy.
We had to go up the stairs to get to our seats.
The stage before the show.
Pooh's first time to watch the theater.
We watched the Saturday matinee so a lot of families and kids watched.
Group picture from the mirror reflection.
Sofia looks unhappy like an orphan here.
Sofia with Mumsy and Auntie Tiana.
Annie is showing at the Sands Theater.
There were so many kids with Annie hair after the show.

The performance was good. I loved Molly and Grace Farrel (the secretary who marries the Billionaire) but I thought the actress playing Annie was a bit old. Here's a sneak peak at the Singapore cast.

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