Thursday, July 19, 2012

Killiney Curry Puffs


The best curry puffs in Singapore (for us) is Killiney Curry Puff on Killiney Road.

This simple and unassuming food stall is across the Singtel building.

The puffs are really Freshly Made because when they run out of it,
they just stop selling.
They also have some local Malay dishes and a small seating area.
You can choose between Potato Curry Puff (SG$1.30 or Php43)
or Sardine (which I've never wanted to try). 

I just saw that they now have Beef Curry Puffs when I was done paying. Note to self: I want to try that before we leave.

Sofia loves Curry Puffs but it's a bit too spicy for her so she eats all the crust.
At Killiney, the crust is thin and crispy.
Full carb and less-carb (after Sofia ate the crust) versions.
It's really best to eat it when it's freshly made.
The potatoes are nice and tasty with part of an egg in each puff.

The curry puffs are also good with their Iced Kopi or the Iced Teh Tarik (Tea with condensed milk).

Killiney Curry Puffs
93 Killiney Road
Singapore 239536
Open: 7am – 7:30pm

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