Friday, July 13, 2012

IMM Jurong Mall


When I was searching for Shrink Paper to use for our DIY Shrinky Dinks, I read some trails on line that said they were sold in Daiso Plaza Singapura or Daiso IMM. Out of curiosity, I googled IMM since I have never been there. It's in Jurong, so it's quite far if you are coming from the city but since it looked like they had a lot of Outlet Stores, and Outdoor Playground, and a straight bus from Somerset (according to gothere singapore directions - which was wrong!) we decided it was worth exploring.

The list of outlet stores.

The classic Cotton-On which is always on sale.
Sofia loves Cotton-On Kids.
Bossini also has branches in Lucky Plaza and Anchorpoint.
Sports stores I totally ignore.
I didn't know Hush Puppies also had clothes.
I ignored this one too.
They also had Hang Ten (also in Lucky Plaza).
I was pretending to diet so I had a smoothie with my double quarter pounder.
Double Quarter Pounder.
I did NOT eat the carbs. Hahaha.

After lunch, we went in search of the play area.

We found a giant hopscotch.
Sofia called it hipscotch.
We also saw a Samsonite Outlet.
And more sports stores...

Sofia was in heaven when we found the outdoor play area.

Before running off to play.
Running off...
Pseudo wall climbing asssited by yaya.
Princess of the playground.
I snuck off to Daiso while Sofia was playing.
The play area also has a water play section.
It's perfect to cool down on a warm SG day but Sofia preferred the playground.
It it were up to her, we will come back. 

We had to do some shopping because we needed a SG$30 receipt to join the Arts and Crafts activity.

Sofia's version of Angelina Ballerina in Cotton On.
This skirt was marked down to SG$5 (Php165). It's such a steal!
We literally ran to the kids workshop to make it in time.
Intense concentration.
The secret to this project is double sided tape every where.
Sofia is love.
This is how the Teddy bags looks like.
Sofia and her work.
We did another hopscotch round before leaving.
They also had an Esprit outlet, I just didn't find anything I liked.
The good thing about this mall is that even on a Sunday afternoon,
there were more cabs lined up than people who wanted to take one.

I still think the mall is VERY far... so I am not sure I would like to come back for the playground. Just Saying.

2 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 609601
You can visit their website here.

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