Saturday, July 7, 2012

Grams Diner

I love brunch. The last brunch I had was a week ago with my siblings in Manila. My brother, who my daughter fondly calls her fat ninong (fat godfather) treated us, so my sister and I were happy.

We went to Grams Diner at the Fort (near the Starbucks with drive thru) because Ady was craving for cupcakes from Sonja so we planned to have that for dessert. 

You can ask for pens to draw on the glass.
Sofia is really more into writing than drawing.

Some scribbles and Sofia's name.
The artist or shall I say the writer.
This dish is called Strange Bedfellows.
US beef stips served on a bed of steak fries topped with cheese sauce and gravy.
It's really yummy.
When chips are covered with cheese, you forget that they're carbs.
We were all starving because brunch was at 4pm.
We ordered Eggs Benny, their version of eggs benedict that was quite a disappointment.
They served us this? One of the eggs was cracked!!!
It also din not go well on top of waffles.
We ordered Fish Fritters instead of Fish and Chips.
They served it with battered onions instead of chips.
We also ordered the Rrrready Rrrroast Beeeeef Rrrumble.
It was the same beef in the chips so it tasted quite redundant.
It comes in handy though when you reach the bottom of the chips and all the toppings are gone.

Thanks for brunch Tim!

I think I will come back here if I wanted a snack, then I'll order the Strange Bedfollows. Otherwise, I wasn't impressed, but I did enjoy the company and the free meal. Just Saying.

Crossroads 32nd st. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(02) 846-9822

Now, off to search for yummy eggs ben in SG...

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